About Daniel

The concept of finding a piece of stone that’s been covered for over a million years and sculpting it into a work of art feels like second nature to Daniel. Utilizing the stones’ texture and colour to enhance the sculpture so that children and adults alike can touch the stone to get a feel of the rough and smooth surfaces to stimulate their sensors. The longevity and quality of the stone means that this sculpture will be seen for generations to come.

Daniel has been sculpting with stone for over 25 years. He started out as an apprentice stonemason being awarded Qld Training Awards Apprentice of the Year. Daniel moved on to restoration work on many prominent buildings in Queensland, South Australia and Melbourne. But it was when he started sculpting out of stone he found his true passion.

Daniel has worked closely with Councils and Schools to create public works of art ensuring that safety is paramount, that the public can interact and that the sculpture meets the brief. Once installed the sculpture is coated with a graffiti resistant sealer.

He has also worked together with other talented artists including those who work with different mediums to create amazing pieces of work.

Artist Statement

Now more than ever, children need dedicated outdoor spaces to visit so they can slow down their brains and be mindful in nature. Fast moving technology has changed our world forever and we are missing our chance to simply just be at one with nature and creativity. Screens may provide fast information but they don’t give us the tactile experience that we are all searching for.

By combining sandstone with durable hand made ceramic features Daniel Gill is able to produce brilliant sculpture that has a point of difference. The works bring together the bold characteristics of very old stone both rough and smooth and the fine detail and bright colour of ceramic features -made by Suzi Lucas.

Locally sourced from Helidon the quality and longevity of this stone means that this sculpture will be seen for many generations to come allowing both children and adults to step in and enjoy a close-up tactile experience, sparking their imagination, curiosity and starting exciting conversations.

Daniel would love to hear from you!

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